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Hot Flash - Ignite Your Healing!

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A Hot Flash is that moment of insight when you KNOW something–you or your situation–must change.

A Hot Flash is the fire in your soul illuminating those areas where you need to heal – ultimately bringing you enlightenment and transformation.


Hot Flash Moments

Be a part of the Hot Flash Community by sharing your Hot Flash Moments in a fun and empowering way!

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  • Be Your Authentic Self

    It is never too late to be what you already are, but have been stopping yourself from revealing. ~ Sloane

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  • Honor Your Boundaries

    You aren’t doing anyone any favors when you don’t honor your own boundaries and needs. The more you know yourself, and set appropriate boundaries based on what works for you, the better able you are to show up for life with vitality and passion – […]

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  • Read a Good Story

    I grew up with my nose buried in one book after another. Don’t shortchange yourself, grab a good novel and create some new neural pathways – or just read for the pure joy of a great story! ~ Sloane

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