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Hot Flash - Ignite Your Healing!

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A Hot Flash is that moment of insight when you KNOW something–you or your situation–must change.

A Hot Flash is the fire in your soul illuminating those areas where you need to heal – ultimately bringing you enlightenment and transformation.


Hot Flash Moments

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  • Rediscover Bookstores

    If you have forgotten about bookstores, rediscover them…wander through them, pull books from the shelves and allow the words within to take you somewhere new or familiar, foreign or domestic. Allow yourself to really feel the books in your hands as your fingers turn the […]

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  • The Writer, Artist or Musician as Modern-Day Shaman

    Reviewing my dissertation work as I set forth on a new section, I am once again drawn to this passage I wrote some time ago: “Many writers have described that they write in order to understand what they think and feel, and as artists they […]

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  • Words are Powerful!

    Words have incredible power. When used to uplift they can change the world. Unfortunately, the same is true when they are used to diminish or denigrate. I know we have all been on both ends of this – when we have said something hurtful to […]

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